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Meet Hooman Karamian aka Nik Richie. This nasty a** guido wanna be thinks he's hot sh** beacuse he can write smart a** comments about people on his trash talking website the dirty . He claims he's a website writer, and apparently he even bought himself a bride. To bad he cant cut it as a real writer.. the only way he can make any money to keep paying for his mani, pedis, and keep his beastly chest hair groomed is to let little high school girls post on his dirty website and turn a profit off it. Too bad everyone wants to sue your a** so it wont last to long, live it up while you can a few more 1.5 million dollar lawsuits more and your pathetic 15 mins of fame will be up sooner than you think. Oh and as far as all your smart a** comments under each post that gets put up who are you to judge??? Nice DUI picture you look like a serial predator, straight up child molester with those creepy beady eyes, bushy eyebrows, crater faced forehead, skunk tail hair, and dirty old homeless man scruff. This is for everyone that has ever been on the dirty or has had a friend or loved one bashed on your site. It's easy to write slander and sh** talk people behind a computer, your not a writer so don't flatter yourself by stating that as your occupation on your arrest form.Your a sad excuse for a human being, so why don't you just do everyone a favor and keep drinking your life away. It's a Good thing you already have your fair share of experience when it comes to taking it up the a**, beacuse your going to need it when you keep racking up those DUI's, they can finally send your a** to prison where you belong.

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