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Andrew Abrams

Additional tips from a veteran exhibitor and professional booth designer...

- Don't place a table across the front of your booth. It's bad booth "body" language. Place tables at the rear or sides of the booth.

- Do not sit in your booth. Standing for a few days is difficult, but necessary. If possible, use a high-hat table for presentations so that you can stand with visitors.

- Do not hand out brochures. Taking brochures to satisfy the exhibitor is the way that people move on to the next booth. Hand a brochure at the end of a conversation, or better... mail one to interested parties.

- Rent good lighting.

Andrew Abrams

One more...

- Bringing food is OK, but don't eat it in your booth.

Joy Pedersen

Good additional comments. Agreed, it isn't the best thing to eat at the booth and better to do so, if necessary, without anyone seeing.


Karen Sablich - NICE!! I love the colors and set-up! Michael and you both are so tatneled and together y'all are a force to reckon with! You guys can do anything. Reminds me of Sage Photography- do you know of her? She does all the photos and he custom builds the frames. Together they rock events; of course they are much older now. You two combined do everything and more!!

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