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Thanks Mike. Fluid is good.Elliot, thanks, yes I will do some more in this theme. Give me a few days and we'll see what hppneas. Gradually I'm exploring, so you'll probably see more composition etc. in posts to come. Appreciate your comments always.Thanks W, Alina and Josh. You guys are always so supportive.Hey Robin, thanks so much for the kind comments. I'm really glad you get a kick out of my illustrations. You are way too kind. I appreciate the comments you send and the continued support. I'm always pretty stunned when I visit your site so good wishes and similar thoughts are always sent your way too.Yes, lately I've been using illustrator, and have really been enjoying it. You can tell pretty easily where and when I started using it on the blog, so it is a pretty recent thing and I'm really enjoying experimenting with it and seeing how I can use it. Very glad you think it's organic.Yes, I do love Michael Dudok De Wit's work. I did not know about his illustrated books, and quickly hopped on to amazon to check them out. Thanks for the info. I'll be reading them soon.I don't know Le, but I'll look out for her work. I'll need to check out the Pillow Book flick too and see what thats all about. I love finding things that are inspiring, so cheers for the info. You can be sure I'll be checking them out.D.

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