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Hello all,My name is Jill and I am a professional Graphic Designer in the Temecula Valley. I have been a graihpc designer in the advertising and printing industries for more than 30 years. I started way back before computers and the term desktop publishing came out. Today I can sit at my desk or at the beach with my MacBook Pro, Adobe CS5 and cell phone and make lots of changes in a matter of minutes then PDF the document and email back to the client so we can look at the revised piece at the same time.I enjoy designing a company's marketing and presentation collateral material, including logo, brochure, fliers, media kits, annual reports, multi-page documents and sales presentations. For the web, I create PDF'd promo pieces with hot links, graihpcs for the web, facebook and more. My IDEAL CUSTOMER is one who appreciates high quality work from a professional designer. My prices are extremely reasonable and I can work nationwide via internet. I enjoy working with intelligent business owners or marketing managers who need me to take their information and findings and turn it into something they can sell with. I also really enjoy working with start-up companies and the business owner who is not sure how to get started. We discuss their budget and I'll lead them through each step they need to do to get off the ground. I have experience in advertising budget management and media buying.Something others may not know about me is that my husband and I have raised seven children together and we now have horses. I airbrushed cars and vans in the 1970s. My secret passion is painting and I'm really good at it!You can help me by sending companies my way who either need to start from scratch or want to improve the look of their current marketing materials and presentation pieces. My Facebook page is:

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