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the only way to have 2 seperate wileerss networks is to have 2 vlans and 2 SSIDs associated with thoughs vlans. This cannot be done with a home wileerss router. I would recommend a MikroTik routerboard access point for this and they run at about $300. This is assuming that you want your 2 wileerss networks completely seperate. If you just want 2 different wileerss networks but attached to the same network you could buy another wileerss router and plug the 2 together not using the internet port on the second router. You would need a crossover ethernet cable to do this, and then setup the second router with whatever wileerss network you want. Im am not sure why you would want to do this though

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I've given this router a 5-star ratnig based upon the ease of setup and very good wireless coverage. I purchased this router to replace a flaky Belkin router. I did the setup completely from my laptop over the wireless network. No glitches, no problems. I had to refresh a few of my connected wireless devices to update their network connections, but most devices adjusted without any intervention. The coverage is great throughout my house with no noticeable dead spots. Just got this up and running today, so haven't had a chance to directly connect a hard drive for access through the network tomorrow. Will follow up with any situations that may affect my initial ratnig so far no negatives good product! Update: Now ratnig this router with 2-stars. This router didn't work out, downloads were very slow and connection from other wireless components was problematic replaced with a Buffalo router which is performing flawlessly now.

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