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ralph lauren outlet store The Dou spirit of Kai Rui heavy sword is more and more heavy, just like a sun general, send forth the ray of light in gold yellow, the Pu shines on the creation of world, the bright tiger sitting down also felt Kai Rui that high war idea, enter back of Be getting more relentless fierce, bright fasten of attack sorcery also the milli- without a break offend to the Mu permit a sky.At under the pre-eminent attack like this the Mu permitted a sky to also appear one silk Tui power, however this can not also thoroughly defeat Mu to permit a sky, Sen of soft sword in hand white of the sword annoy big prosperous, the circle turns of the ,such as month, fall into trap empty, the sword of lonesome pomp recruits often to hold up the heavy sword of the Kai Rui and the attack of the bright tiger at the imminent moment and sometimes embraces a chance more to offend one sword and force the Kai Rui is easy achievement for defend.

When the leaf sings breeze to inwardly pray heaven, Li Jun's words again brought about controversy in his heart.Li Jun tightly embraces a leaf to sing the head of breeze simultaneously and flows to fix attention on tears simultaneously to lightly say:"The leaf sings breeze, do you know, and I have already deeply fallen in love with you."Hear Li Jun this good from the leaf whom the words of language sort can not move sing breeze immediately a surprised, his dreaming don't also thought of that Li Jun will have cordiality like this to he.Li Jun Dun the subsequence continuously say:"Is very surprised?Don't say you, connect me all very surprised by myself, can even if is me again surprised that I have no way not to believe, because your figure already the profound branding was in my in the mind.I know that your existence even wants before you know me, do you still remember fairy Wu Guo's coup?My grandpa soldier absolute being Li Wu is dead in that coup, at grandpa the seventh day after burying I have already returned to national capital, but the his majesty also don't want to make me open an identity that time, so in addition to his majesty outside don't know that I come back, I am the whole processeses of the coup that sees there from the his majesty.I know to have a person who makes the leaf sing breeze a help that time the grandpa carried out the wishes that dies in battle for the fairy force, I also only stayed around this to your impression that time and the my age look like young man real strenght is very strong."Said my Li Jun Dun, by hand would fall to sing the tears on the breeze face to wipe to succeed to continuously say for a while at the leaf:"But unite to challenge the time on the match in four hospitals afterwards you at and Kai Rui that game in the stubborn will to fight expressed and with I in the middle of that game that kind of unyielding spirit but is deeply move I, that time your figure just truely get into my in the mind.Afterwards you say that you will do the best friend with me in assisting the road of courageous country, I really move at that time, because the reason of the family my childhood almost is mid-degree in the without a break self-discipline over, you are the first person who is so sincere to me to talk.The strong sun is fond of after

Chapter 7 summer clan impress(next)

Six green more and more have good will to him, the Du flies heart to know the belly is clear, can he is unwilling to release this kind of easy mindset, because only have so, then he can feel that he is a youth with booming vigor a person.

polo ralph lauren shirts By this time, those three person that is imprisonneds slowly waked up to come over.

re very frightened.Hugo's friends stopped.Most of them would not go on,but three were brave enough to go down into the valley.

Then don't give as well jade at male reaction of time Tang can the son is strong line of put to the jade in the male of inside the room, turn round and then close


[url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] 'What is it?'I asked,with a cold fear in my heart.

The Hui far thoughts of here, cold sweat direct current.If isn't oneself the half-way Be small to have breakthrough, oneself is so life long all hard to had a progress again, said nothing of the highest state that the self-discipline war robs knife.

Finish listenning to these after, the gold is small happy medium laugh behind one's back, if they know result in all these of the chief criminal stand here and estimate to hurtle to come up cannibalism?

The gold is small to open to gingerly explore to be from an observation, sees the white light ball send out a voice"Dong Dong" moves people's heart of drumbeat, numerous blue ray of light Mao Pas of surroundings make ring, is billowing the dust smoke that a corner of hall bombards, in seem more than ten dark shadow rocks, the explosion voice loudly lingers in the ears.Although see not realistic, the gold is small to open but ambiguously hears to have the voice to drag along thunder is bawling out roars, seemed to be O.K. to be like to suffer from not light injury.

[url=][/url] Stapleton had caught the butterfly,and was walking bath to us.

"Elder brother Chen in the sky, do you return Leng to wear stem what?Still help at once not and quickly!"The cry voice that the dream son depends on just makes them return to absolute being.

Du's flying is exactly the big monk of diverted period, once the facial expression sink, the grain son in the air imitated Buddhas to all solidify, let white 62 people are immediately silent as cicadas in winter, want to quarrel in of speech also not from keep on swallowing.


[url=]cheap oakleys sunglasses[/url] "Yes, teacher."The Du flies to looking at eyes of the Louis Si of teacher and firmly says, " I have already come to a decision."

"This debt do I still need to seek Peter to calculate to calculate well!"Hear strange gram of Ci Wei want to use him and Peter's friend friendship to move him, Na gram many elders are cold cold on smiling, didn't hestitate ground to release breeze blade to go out.

Although I front of the road is very far, very far ……

Jade a hand holds tight small pants and gets down to open on pulling when male's taking Qian Xiao Qing is diverted to see a tablet, how may Qian Xiao Qing can resist jade in the male's action.

[url=]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] Have several times, I also see they hurtle three shout my name, 31 lipses that don't utter, tightly shut a double, the face rises is red.See three embarrassed appearances, my in the mind very sad, feel sorry him.

3.Form together stranger

Ao snow often sees with Li Tai here not from of exclamation rise Dou absolute being the empire train soldiers a square, even if these people have never experienced as well what fight, but see on knowing two, only can know a little of it to their war capabilities with this strict clear military discipline.

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