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Janet Pelc - As far back as I can remember my Dad made a HUGE brfkseaat on Christmas morning. It was almost a bigger event than the presents! He prepared for days for the event. He invited EVERYONE on our street that wanted to come and they did!! Our Christmas waited until everyone had all the pancackes and sausage that they wanted and went home. Then, we sat down and he read the story of Christs birth from the book of Luke in the Bible. We had a prayer of Thanks for all of our blessings and then the unwrapping began! Even as a child, I didn't mind waiting for the gifts the brfkseaat was his joy and serviing everyone was so much fun!! I try to continue that tradition each year with a warm yummy brfkseaat for my crew and then the same scripture and prayer. Wouldn't have it any other way. Merry Christmas!!!


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"Emperor's clan?"The gold is small to open surprised shout 1, think of the emperor of nine star empires and fill persons like Ni Er,etc.

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"My forgetting you were an abnormal condition!"Smell the speech thunder receive some virtuous ground of Xing Xings to say, after once experienced Du to fly the speed of studying the sorcery voodoo, he no longer calls Du to fly genius, but changes abnormal condition!

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